About Us


This Blog has been started with an aim to:

  • Connect Digital & Performance marketers across the globe for a healthier business.
  • Be the no. 1 resource for affiliate marketing and related news.
  • Re-review the Top Notch Industry products and share genuine opinions irrespective of monitory gains.
  • Bring experts on board to share their experiences.
  • Help create more and more dot com Entrepreneurs who can live an internet lifestyle full-time.

Though the above mentioned five points may sound a bit too much, but we at ritsan are in no hurry, we are committed to the purpose and we assume that by 2 years from now we would have significantly achieved the said targets. That’s what we have set as a goal for ourselves.
We would love to hear back from all of you reading this post, be it be a positive note or a negative criticism, feel free to shoot us a message or an email and we would certainly respect that and try to put it into action as soon as possible.
To your Success

  • Siddhant Satija