5+ Best Free WordPress Event Plugins (2018)

5+ Best Free WordPress Event Plugins (2018)
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If you are searching for a great but also free WordPress Event Plugins for your website, you have come to the right place! In this article, we have compiled some amazing plugins for management of events, timetables, and schedules. So regardless of the niche you belong to, you can use any of these plugins to schedule events. Your users will too be benefitted from the plugin because they can easily view the schedule and follow it accordingly. These Event Plugins will present the schedule in a stunning manner while saving your time & endless efforts.

Theater for WordPress

Theater for WordPress is a wonderful solution to manage all the events with necessary shortcodes and widgets. People who own a theater or run plays regularly will be benefitted greatly with this WordPress Event Plugins. You can also avail yourself of additional paid extensions to build an ultimate theater presence. At the moment, you will get only 1 free addon, Event Duplicator for duplication of chosen events. Paid extensions comprise of BBFC and MPAA ratings labels apart from Events Feed and Events Slider. More features include:

  • Customizable individual event page
  • Upcoming events widget with options to customize
  • Gallery of live websites which use the plugin
  • Feature events in a clear list with dates and hours
  • Customizable color schemes

Event Plugins

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Google Calendar Weekly Timetable

Google Calendar Weekly Timetable is a great WordPress Event Plugin for connecting the Google Calendar to your website and creating a custom style timetable. If you are constantly using Google Calendar to manage your events, it can be a great option for you. Automatic sync happens in the background and you don’t need to update your site periodically by posting them in weekly timetables. You can also manage complex table layouts easily. The timetable can be easily split into sub-tables (groups or categories). More features include:

  • Ability to apply the needed color to the feeds
  • Adjustable styles (via CSS)
  • Support for different time zones
  • Automatically adjustable timetable rows
  • 12-hour and 24-hour time formats support

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WordPress Event Calendar

WordPress Event Calendar is a great plugin for those who love the conventional format of the calendar. It gives you different kinds of view modes such as in month, list, week, and day. The users can switch to any mode and get the best of results. As an administrator, you can add multiple events for a single day and include different events for different categories. This WordPress Event Plugin is fully responsive for mobiles. You can use this plugin as a widget too. Possibility of creating events manually is also provisioned. More features include:

  • Possibility to assign a category for each event
  • Possibility to include custom HTML
  • Option of having different colors for each category
  • Support for recurring events
  • Support for both 12-hour and 24-hour time options

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MotoPress Timetable and Event Schedule

Another amazing WordPress Event Plugin is MotoPress Timetable and Event Schedule which promises all the functions for creating timetables and unlimited events. You will get a clean layout structure and trendy minimalist design with it. Customization in terms of color is possible tool. You can use this plugin to create and manage single or multiple programs. Description such as date and time can be crafted carefully in a stunning visual experience. Upcoming events widget shows all the upcoming widgets in a nice list. More features include:

  • Fully responsive design, even for mobile devices
  • Several column types
  • Ability to add tags for events and categories
  • Display events through suitable categories
  • Several filter styles: drop-down list and tabs

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UniTimetable Event Plugins

This is a scheduling plugin with the main emphasis on creating timetables for educational institutions. Using these WordPress Event Plugins, you are free to build timetables for different classes, lecturing, and case-studies. The plugin allows managing the following items: teachers, classrooms, subjects (modules) and student groups. Out of schedule and holidays are supported as well. After feeding calendar data, shortcodes provided generate stunning calendars with all or selected part of the entered information. More options include:

  • Support for unlimited timetable and events
  • Easy to operate shortcode supported settings
  • Divide semester into scheduled lectures
  • Mobile devices supportive (fully responsive)
  • Greek language support provided

Event Plugins

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We hope that you found the best WordPress Event Plugin for your website from here. All these plugins will help you in creating tables, schedules, and programs. You can present beautiful looking calendars to your audience and they will adore it too! Let us know which plugin did you like and which features did you like the most. Also, tell us if we missed out on an important plugin for management of events and calendars!

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