20+ Top Question and Answer sites List 2018 for Authority SEO Links

20+ Top Question and Answer sites List 2018 for Authority SEO Links
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Last Updated: 15th May, 2018

People love to ask questions & get answers on Question and Answer sites. And when you add this put this in web-context, you get a super opportunity to cash it. There are many websites where people raise their doubts and queries and other people answer them. Some websites such as Quora even have a rating system for the answers provided. In this article, we have compiled top free Question and Answer Websites where you can put your questions, give answers, and sneak in a link too for that SEO benefit of backlinks and public exposure. So let’s begin with the basics.

Introduction to Question and Answer sites

A question and answer website is a platform, more like a forum, where people can ask questions and expect relevant answers in return. Some answers are very concise and in passing motion, whereas some others are deep and hugely detailed. Some others may comprise of plain text and some others may have infographics, images, videos, and external links. So basically, a question and answer website is a forum for people to clear their doubts.

When we see this from SEO perspective, we actually are seeking an opportunity to make the presence of our website felt to the audience. Depending upon your niche and the subjects you deal with, you can give in answers, put in the relevant link of the article on your website, and bring organic traffic. A great benefit of the question and answer websites is that you kind of make a personal tete-a-tete with people, so the possibility of getting relatable is high.

Nobody likes generic answers and this is why, such websites have a huge following because the answers are more personal and customized. Experts classify question and answer websites in four categories – Social (Quora and Facebook), Standard (Yahoo Answers and Reddit), Guides (Wikihow and Ehow), And Search Engines (Ask and True Knowledge). Each category deals with a specific kind of audience and it is suggested that your response should be in accordance.

Process of Submission in Question and Answer sites

The process of submission of an answer in Question and Answer sites is simply about finding relevancy. To begin with, create an account on a Q&A website with high authority and DA. The next step is to find the questions, relevant to your niche, asked by people. We are not going haphazard with answering here simply because it just doesn’t feel right to start an answer with 2-3 lines as per the question and suddenly making a shift to put a totally different link.

Remember that people read answers and they will immediately spot it out if you are trying to push in a link. Once you have selected the best sort of questions, give an answer and then put in a link which is related to the question directly. You can play around a bit but going complete astray is not suggested.

A good hack around it is to find the article of your website which needs sharing and then seeking questions related to it by the means of keyword searching. This way, you will never lose relevancy in your answers and users will too enjoy a supportive external link. Remember, there is no hard and fast rule against putting multiple links in a single answer. As long as your answer is in the context and is adding to the knowledge of the reader, your link will be a good resource for the question and answer website.

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Benefits of Question and Answer sites

Some of the benefits associated with question and answer websites are as follows:

  • Question and answer websites have a high domain and page authority. Links from these websites are treated in high regard by Google and other search engines.
  • Anchor texts can be used to anchor text along with hyperlink to increase ranking for that specific keyword you are targeting at.
  • You can put some quality content in the answers and drive a regular, even if small, traffic to your website. This will improve your rankings greatly.
  • Nofollow links have no direct relevance but they help you with natural link structure. And it is suggested to have a combination of dofollow and nofollow links.
  • By answering relevant questions, you can link to your product pages or inner pages.

List of Top Question and Answer Websites

Here is the list of best question and answer sites where you can give answers and get benefits of SEO.

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