80+ Infographics Submission Sites List for boost in rankings {Updated 2018}

80+ Infographics Submission Sites List for boost in rankings {Updated 2018}
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Last Updated: 1st July, 2018

( We personally used some infographics in Tier – 1 to our main article and saw a sudden boost in rankings, we did 3 infographic submissions on the below mentioned URLs )

Infographics submission sites are the in-thing today. They make as a quick reference guide, without actually serving long text. Combining short pieces of information with attractive graphics, infographics are increasingly getting popular among people specially on the below mentioned Infographics Submission websites. And they are easy to share too! In this article, we have brought to you the list of High PR Infographics Submission List where you can submit your creative infographics for the SEO benefits, which are mentioned later in the post. Let’s start with the basics of infographic submission and the process.

Introduction to Infographics Submission Sites for SEO

By definition, infographic is a digitally created graphic which combines information and puts supporting images with it for a better visual experience. It is combined of two different words information and graphic. Infographic can be minimal and quite explanatory too. The information processed through infographic is remembered for a long time. Also, the rendition is quite clear and no unnecessary content noise is made, which makes them easy to read in passing motion too.

Infographic submission websites are those websites where a user can submit his infographic for other people to access and gain knowledge. The registered users of these Infographics Submission sites check these infographics out for two purposes – either to gain information or to use the infographic to support the content they have created. In the latter case, since your infographic is being used, you can ask for a backlink. Submitting the infographic is as easy as accessing it. More information about it is in the next part.


Process of SEO on Infographics Submission Sites

For creating infographics, you can use a variety of tools. The beauty of infographics is that you don’t need to be a pro at Photoshop or Coral Draw for it. Many a times, even a simple sketch that you made works well as an infographic. So it totally depends on the creativity and not the tools. The process of infographic submission is quite simple. Here are some steps explaining the process in detail:

  • From the websites mentioned below, pick the list of high PR websites where you wish to submit your infographic.
  • Some websites demand signing up for submission of the infographic whereas some others don’t need signing-up.
  • When you have registered yourself, go to the submissions page and upload the infographic link in the dedicated box.
  • Enter all the necessary information asked regarding that infographic such as description, keywords, and website info.
  • After entering all the required details, press the submit button. Your submission will be made live as per the website policy.
  • Some  infographic submission sites take time to make the infographic live whereas some others do it immediately. You will be notified about it.

Benefits of Infographics Submission Sites

Some of the benefits associated with Infographics SEO Submission are as follows:

  • Better visual appearance engages users and makes them stay for a longer period, which eventually reduces your bounce rate and increases the retention rate.
  • Infographics can be used as a linkable asset. You can let people use your infographic demanding a credit link in return.
  • Better brand awareness is another benefit of infographics. You can put your logo in the infographic or use it as a watermark for better brand awareness.
  • Visual content has better chances of getting viral and this is why your article has less chances of getting viral than your infographic has.
  • You can also optimize infographics to show up in Google images search. Which gives you twice benefit from a single post.
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List of High PR Infographics Submission Site List 2018

Here is the list of High PR Infographics Submission List where you can submit your infographics and present information beautifully to the world.[email protected]/

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