10+ Omegle Proxy sites and Mirror Sites for Anonymous Chatting

10+ Omegle Proxy sites and Mirror Sites for Anonymous Chatting
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Last Updated: 13th May, 2018

Omegle for years has been a great website for anonymous chatting with strangers. It is a good platform to connect with random people across the world, without actually revealing the identity. Since it might be blocked at various locations, we bring to you Best Omegle Proxy , Mirror, and Alternative Sites for Anonymous Chatting. Young teens and college-goers often can be found chatting on it. What started off as a text messaging website is now evolved into video chatting website too. So if you like, you can also chat on video to random strangers. Users also share their social profiles and create new friendships and romantic engagements. For many adults, the website is even more addictive than Facebook. For chatting, simply open the website, put in the interests that you want to talk about, and choose between two options – text or video. Then, you will be connected to a random stranger with interests matching with yours.

It may take some time to find someone with same interests as yours so you will have to wait if you want interest based chatting. If you are one such huge fan and like to spend time on Omegle, the last news that you will want to hear is the banning of this amazing chatting and video calling website. However lately, some fans were not able to open this website. It was because of the ban imposed by the government or the ISP. While the ban game continues to play on and off, it is essential to know how to access the website when the ban is on. In this article, we have mentioned a trick through which you can still access This method doesn’t require downloading of any special script, tool, or software. Furthermore, you don’t even need technical expertise in this.


How to Unblock Omegle in your country ?

The method is to use Omegle proxy or mirror site. Since Omegle has restricted VPN and any 3rd party proxy service for accessing its website, users don’t have any other option. Also, it should be noted that had Omegle provisioned for 3rd party services, users would have experienced slow buffering and interrupted video calling. These proxy and mirror sites will help you unblock the main website so that you can start chatting again with strangers from across the world. For unblocking Omegle, pick any website from the omegle proxy servers list given below. Once you select the website, click the link respective to it. Thereafter, you will be able to chat once again as usual. The best part is that these omegle proxy and omegle mirror sites are not any different from the main domain itself. All the features and functions remain the same. Please be noted that video chatting will require downloading and enabling latest Adobe flash player.

List of Best Omegle proxy and omegle mirror Websites

Here is the list of best Omegle proxy and omegle mirror websites to unblock Omegle. As soon as you click the link to any of the websites given here, Omegle will be instantly unblocked for you.

Omegle Proxy/Mirror



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