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Best and Trusted Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

Best and Trusted Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment
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Online data entry job is considered to be the simplest choice for anyone who wants to earn extra income. It is in fact one of the most sought after online jobs which doesn’t need extraordinary skills or experience. Housewives, college students, or anyone who has time and energy to spare can take up these jobs and earn from $200 to $1000 per month easily. The pay depends on the nature of the data entry, qualification, typing speed, and type of job. In this list, we have compiled some best and trusted online data entry jobs which are rewarding and doesn’t need any investment.

Types of Web Based Data Entry Jobs

Captcha Entry Job

Captcha entry is the simplest data entry job that you can take. The scale of income is very less but as compared to other online jobs, this one is suitable for everyone. Also, there isn’t much mind messing tasks to complete. You will be given a software in which you will have to login. Then, you will be shown captcha images which you have to read and enter. The range of income is $200-$500 per month. Typically, for every 1000 captchas solved, you will be paid somewhere around $2-$3. On an average, it takes one hour to solve 1000 captchas.

Copy & Paste

Copy and paste is another simple online job that you can proceed with. Here, you will be required to copy text material from a file and paste it into another file. This job requires basic knowledge of computer and MS Office or any other office suite for that matter since you will also be dealing with tables, paragraphs, and formatting. In the list of Online Data Entry Jobs, copy and paste is easily a good choice for students because it isn’t time consuming at all. The pay range for this job is around $200-$400 per month; not too much but decent.

Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs comprise of a number of small jobs where data is handled in one way or another. It is again a popular choice because of simplicity and a great range of tasks to choose from. You can earn a minimum of $200 per month by working on simple tasks such as ratings, giving brief reviews on products and services, counting fields, collecting data, organizing data etc. A number of websites exist which offer micro jobs. You just have to register on them by giving some basic information and choose from an array of jobs to earn through.

Basic Typing

Basic typing is one of the simplest Online Data Entry Jobs. In this, you will have to type something into an excel spreadsheet or word document. You don’t need any other special skill apart from a decent typing speed. It is suggested to have at least 30+ words per minute speed. If you perform less than that, it is better to first improve the typing speed before taking this job. Most of the times, it is simple read and type but there may be some added levels to it. On an average, you can earn somewhere between $200 and $400 in this typing job.

Survey Forms

Survey forms are basic little forms which contain some questions related to the experience of any product or service. Companies hire survey conductors to collect feedback of people. Through the information gathered from survey forms, company decides to improve its strategy. You, as a survey conductor, will have to collect the information by asking people different set of questions. It may also happen that you will have to give your own feedback. Through survey collection online job, you can earn from $200 to $500 per month easily.

Image to Text

Image to text is an interesting thing to do, when you are getting paid for it. As a part of this job, you will have to read text from the image and type it down. You will have to take care of punctuation, grammar, spellings, and other aspects of language too. The source material can be a single one or a compilation of many. The income range for this job is $200-$500 per month. In the list of Online Data Entry Jobs, this is not a popular job relatively but those who don’t have any past experience or skills can definitely go for it for the simplicity involved.


Form Filling

Form filling data is kind of basic typing but it differs in the content matter. You will be given sheets of information to fill in various forms. The only precaution to be taken is to not match the details. You will have to carefully match the details and then fill the forms. It is also quite possible that you will be simply given forms without any information. In that case, you will have to find the information yourself. A typical form filling job may not get you quite good income but for beginners, it is a good choice. The range of income is $200-$400.


In formatting, you will have to format a word document for increased user friendliness, grammar compliance, and general aesthetics. This is not a popular type of Online Data Entry Jobs because of less rewarding income but if you don’t have any direction to proceed with, it is a good choice. The skills needed for this job include – knowledge of grammar, indentation, alignment, readability etc. Expertise on multiple word processing softwares, not just MS Word, is desired. The income range in this job is from $150 to $300 per month.

Legal or Medical Transcription

The job of medical or legal transcription is a sensitive one and you should choose it only if you have a good experience in dictation and typing. You will have to listen to the audio files, which usually include prescription from a physician or report from a lawyer, and type it down. The skills needed for this job are – excellent typing speed, good knowledge of grammar, good auditory sense, and knowledge of the field. This job can be done online as well as over the phone too. The income range is handsome and you can earn $400-$600 per month.

Content Writing

In this list of Online Data Entry Jobs, content writing is a classic one. It is often the first job which comes to mind when we think of words “online”, “job”, “no investment” together. Content writing is not just writing articles but you need to be aware of SEO and its latest trends too. There is no point in writing articles which don’t rank so you should have basic knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). It will help you rank articles which will eventually increase the quality of your portfolio. The income range is $400-$600 per month.

Catalogue Data Entry Operator

Catalogue data entry operator is responsible for entering data into a spreadsheet in excel. Most of the times, you will be given inventory list which will contain multiple fields. In the sheet, you need to write details such as serial number, product code, number of products and quantity in inventory, awaited stock quantity etc. This is a normal type of data entry job which means again, you don’t need to have any experience for it. But you need to be careful about entering details. The income range in catalogue data entry operator is $200-$450.

  1. Proofreading and Copywriting

Proofreading and copywriting are again classic Online Data Entry Jobs. As a proof-reader and copywriter, you will have to read articles written by others and find out all the sorts of mistakes, grammatically, spelling wise, and from readability. The type of texts to proof are not limited to short articles; you may also be given books, journals, research papers etc. The skills needed for this job are – good knowledge of grammar and an eye to find mistakes in the text by others. The income range is quite handsome and ranges from $300 to $600.

Medical Coding

Medical coding is the data entry job which requires precision. Don’t take it up casually because wrong codes can really mess up with the distributor’s or retailer’s inventory. The products are usually medicines, syrups, tablets etc. For every medicine, you will have to write a code. The code is then handed over to the retailer for knowing which medicine is which. The coding is done because it is not always easy to write long names of medicines. Of course, some experience is needed for this job. The income range for this job is $400-$700.

Email Processing

This is again one of the classic types of Online Data Entry Jobs. Email processing requires reading emails by clients, customers, or other members of the company and processing them to prepare a suitable reply or impart general idea of the mail to the concerned person. However, it is not limited to merely reading emails. There can be other tasks too which you might be asked to perform. Typically, you can be asked to process somewhere from a dozen to a hundred mails daily. The income range is quite good and lies between $400 and $600.

Payroll Data Entry Operator

Payroll data entry operator’s job is to enter payroll for various employees of various companies. You will have to create a list of the employees and include their name, address, scale, salary for the respective month, grade etc. Typically, the data is to be entered in an excel spreadsheet. The job is similar to catalogue data entry operator only the details to be filled are different. Companies take this sheet and then process the salary through whatever medium they do. No prior experience is needed for this job. Income range is $250-$550 per month.


These are some of the really cool Online Data Entry Jobs which can be done without any investment. Most of the jobs don’t need any experience too which is why even a student or a housewife can take it. The income range of these web based jobs depend on the quality and quantity of work but still you will b able to earn at least $200 per month without any fuss. Let us know which job you are planning to take! Also share with us if there’s any other job that we missed out on!

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